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  • Worcester Bosch Greenstar i


    Worcester Greenstar I

    Bosch Worcester  has just introduced a new compact combination boiler called the greenstar I.

    It replaces the junior models.

    Comes in two sizes 25KW and 30KW.

    Worcesters state that the hot water flow rate is 10.2 and 12.3 litres per minute.

    Which is a slight increase on previous the junior models.

    As standard it comes with a five year warranty.

    Which as we know is what Worcester offer on all their greenstar models.

    The warranty is subject to Worcester terms and conditions.

    One of the terms is the boiler must be serviced annually and the benchmark book signed and dated by the gas safe engineer.

    Worcester claim it's more user friendly than the previous junior models.

    Has a new control panel that provides information of the boiler operation.

    Allows the user to control both the hot water and heating flow temperatures using simple up and down buttons.

    The I model now has a new low energy modulating circulating pump.

    Comply with the new ERP directive which comes into force in September 2015.

    The ERP directive is another regulation from Europe.

    This will see all heating products come will energy labels just like when you buy any white products for your kitchen.

    It is suppose to help rate the full efficiency of the whole heating and hot water system.

    These greenstar I has a larger condense trap built in to help eliminate freezing in the winter months.

    This removes the need for an external trace heating device or the need to insulate the external condense pipe work.

    The greenstar I has the option to further increase its efficiency by connecting a weather compensate sensor to it.

    For those who don't know what a weather compensator is.

    It's basically a thermostat that fits on an outside wall.

    Sends the boiler details of the outside temperature so the boiler can adjust its output accordingly.

    On a recent visit to Worcester we were shown the new greenstar I boilers.

    They are much the same as the old juniors in size but with new features and cosmetically improved.

    All in all, a very good boiler.

    Worcester greenstar i boilers have a very good reputation for reliability.

    Should you need to make a warranty call, then you can be assured the service will be second to none.

    On speaking with a Worcester service engineer recently while at the Worcester center.

    He told me that most of the warranty calls they attend are not down to the boiler.

    Around 90% of the breakdowns are due to external control failures or dirty water within the system.

    He told me the boilers in general are very reliable.

    He went on to tell me that Worcester are the only boiler manufactures at the moment that will repair a boiler breakdown if it is due to dirty water.

    They will repair free of charge the first time.

    Should it breakdown again due to the same problem, then there will be a charge for the repair.

    Since visiting the Worcester center we have now installed one of the new greenstar I 24kW boilers.

    My first impression was it was vert quite, compared to the old models.

    Very easy to use as a user and easy to commission as an installer.

    The good thing about the greenstar I I is its size.

    It will fit into a standard kitchen cupboard with ease.

    So if you are looking to replace your old combination boiler soon.

    I would highly recommend the new Worcester greenstar I boiler.

    Worcester have been around a long time producing boilers and in my opinion is one of the best on the market today.

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