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    Having any work carried out on a gas appliance in your home,

    you must use someone who is gas safe registered,

    This is the law in the United Kingdom, other countries may have similar regulations.

    Lets say you are looking for someone to service your gas boiler,

    the only person who can carry out this work,

    is a gas safe registered engineer - plumber,

    if one of your friends tells you they have a friend,

    who can service the boiler and it will be cheaper for you,

    Then unless he is registered you should not let him near your boiler.

    Everybody who works on gas has to be registered with Gas Safe,

    they also have to be registered for the gas appliance they may work on,

    So how do you know if someone is registered to work on gas?

    All gas safe engineers carry an identification card,

    which you as the gas user should always ask to see,

    on this card will be the picture of the person who is registered.

    You will also see the gas safe registration and licence number along with the expiry date.

    These details can be found on the front of the card.

    On the back of the card you will find details of what gas appliance the engineer can work on,

    this is very important to check over,

    it also states what gas they can work on, be it natural or LPG gas.

    To give you an example,

    lets say you want the boiler serviced you should check the card and look for boilers,

    if boilers are not on the card then they cannot service your boiler.

    Everyone who is registered with gas safe renews their membership each year.

    The expiry date of all members is 31st March,

    So if someone presents a card out of date,

    they are no longer registered to work on any gas appliance.

    eone tell you they have misplaced their card and are waiting for a new one to arrive,

    they are not allowed to work unless they have their card with them.

    You can also check the credentials of any gas engineer by going to the Gas Safe Register website,

    You will find out everything about what gas appliance the engineer can work on.

    I would always advise you to check the website just for peace of mind.

    If any of his details don't tally up,

    then it's your responsibility as a gas user to find someone who is fully qualified for the work to be carried out.


    Landlords who rents out their properties,

    must by law have a gas safety check carried out every 12 months without fail,

    this involves checking any gas appliance connected to the supply is safe to use.

    The gas supply within the property has to be checked for tightness at the meter.

    Once the safety check is completed, the engineer will issue a certificate with his findings.

    The tenant must also have a copy of this certificate.

    With rental properties, should a new tenant move in with 6 months left on the safety certificate,

    it is the landlords responsibility to have the property checked over again and a new certificate issued,

    the reason you don't know what the previous tenant may have done to any gas appliance or the supply.

    I know that sounds a bit drastic but it does happen.


    There are big penalties being given out by the courts and this includes being sent to prison for anyone breaking these gas regulations,

    should something happen where you need to make a claim on your home insurance,

    you may find your insurance is void

    This is because you have used someone who was not qualified to work on your gas appliance.


    Safety is very important when it comes to working on gas,

    don't ever try and fit a gas appliance yourself, you may think it's easy to do,

    it may be, but other safety checks need to be carried out as well.

    Don't risk your families lives just to save a few pounds, it could cost you a lot more.

    The best advise I can give you is always Be Safe, Be Gas Safe.

    When it comes to gas, you need to use a gas safe registered person or company,

    don't be fooled into thinking joe bloggs can do your work.

    It could cost lives.

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