• Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

    Unvented hot water cylinders are becoming very popular these days, there are many different makes to choose from.

    The best one on the market is the Megaflo,

    it’s the most expensive one, but you only get what you pay for.Unvented Hot water

    A good budget unvented hot water cylinder is a potterton gold model,

    there are also vaillant, worcester and many more to choose from.

    Most come with a 25 year warranty on the tank itself.

    The warranty covers the tank for leakage but not the valves.

    You can buy an unvented hot water cylinder already pre plumbed and wired ready for the controls,

    these cost a little more but are easier to install.

    To be able to install unvented hot water or even unvented heating systems,

    the installer has to be registered as an unvented installer.

    There are regulation that have to be followed.

    Each cylinder comes with a benchmark that has to be filled in by the installer.

    Should you need to make a claim under the warranty then the makers will need to see this document.

    If it is not filled in and completed then you may find your warranty is void.

    So what are the advantages of having an unvented hot water cylinder?

    You do not need a cold water storage tank in the loft,

    so that means no pipes in the loft, which means no frozen pipes in the winter time.

    You don’t need any booster pumps,

    so when you have a shower no noisy pump kicking in.

    What you do need though is a reasonable water pressure,

    the minimum requirement is 1.5 Bar,

    this is ok for flats and small apartments.

    If you have a bathroom and a shower room then you really need at least 2 bar pressure the higher the pressure the better.

    The unvented hot water cylinder comes with a pressure reducing valve that regulates the water pressure.

    Unvented Hot waterWith the pressure reducing valve you can balance both the hot and cold water going to your taps,

    this is so you have the same pressure in both hot and cold.

    Unvented hot water cylinders are very easy to install,

    they have a temperature pressure relief valve on them,

    so should the pressure or temperature  get too high, then the valve will release the pressure.

    The pipe coming from the valve needs to run into a drain or to ground level and must not be just put through the wall like an overflow.

    The reason is should the valve start to discharge the water could be boiling,

    so it has to discharge safely.

    Unvented hot water cylinders are also very strong so you don’t need to get different grades like copper cylinders.

    One thing you should alway do is have it checked each year just like you do with your gas boiler.

    If you would like to know more on unvented hot water cylinders then please enter your details in the form below,

    we would be very happy to advise you on your needs.


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