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  • Protect your boiler with a Magnaclean NOW

    According to the Energy Savings Trust, a new boiler replacement costs between £2,500-£3,000 on average.

    So, it’s essential to protect that investment with MagnaClean filter.MagnaClean

    An efficient boiler and central heating system is essential to keeping your home warm,

    providing hot water when you need it and keeping your

    energy and maintenance costs down.

    So, how can you join more than two million other

    homeowners in the UK and start saving money

    NOW? Talk to your local gas safe engineer

    about having a magnaclean fitted to your heating system.

    An inefficient boiler can become more expensive

    to run and no matter how old your boiler is, just like your car,

    it’s expensive to repair when it breaks down.

    Some homeowners spend up to £180 on initial repair costs*

    And, this is where installing an ADEY MagnaClean filter could help reduce these costs significantly.MagnaClean

    Research shows that 30 per cent of homeowners

    experience problems with their central heating systems

    including issues such as noisy pipework and cold areas on radiators.

    Typically, when experiencing these problems,

    homeowners feel they have no option but to turn up the thermostat to maintain heat levels.

    This wastes energy and increases costs.

    In some instances, customers may not realise that there's a

    problem with their heating system and heat loss can b

    e prevented through other means.

    For example, installing double glazing or cavity

    wall insulation and hanging thicker, lined curtains.

    All of these are effective energy saving solutions,

    but will not provide a solution to a poor performing boiler and heating system.

    Cold spots and poor circulation can be a result of black sludge in a system.


    Where does itMagnaClean

    come from?

    As water runs through a central heating system,

    corrosion occurs, causing harmful black iron oxide sludge to build-up in

    radiators and pipework.

    When this happens, it damages boiler components,

    even causing some parts to fail within days. Left unchecked, cold areas in radiators can form.MagnaClean

    Research indicates that 36 % of heat output can be lost

    in this way resulting in wasted energy.

    So, black sludge in your central heating system means your

    boiler is more likely to breakdown.

    And you could be paying more for your heating bills than you need to.

    To protect your boiler speak to your

    Gas Safe local plumber or heating engineer for more

    information on having a magnaclean fitted or

    just enter your details in the box below and we will contact you.


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