• General Maintenance


    General Maintenance

    Time To Get Those Leaking Taps Repaired or Replaced


    Duval Heating offers a full general maintenance service on all plumbing and heating within your home.

    Many people do not realise that they're plumbing and heating needs regular maintenance to keep them working to their full potential.

    General Maintenance
    When it comes to plumbing.
    Things that need to be checked are ball valves on the toilets and water tanks, these can get partially blocked with sediment that is present in the incoming water supply.
    You may have noticed the toilet is taking longer to refill after flushing or the water tank takes longer to refill.
    These are only small jobs but need addressing as eventually they will become completely blocked

    Isolation valves need to be checked regular, i.e., the incoming stopcock.
    This is the most important valve that needs checking as if you have a burst pipe and you cannot switch off you are in trouble.
    Other valves such as gate valves that isolate the hot and cold water need to be checked.
    If these valve are left untouched over a period of time they tend to seize up and will not operate.

    Leaking taps need to be addressed as you are just throwing money down the drain if left.
    Leaking showers and toilets again need to be repaired.
    You may not even notice they are leaking.
    You may see some lime scale build up around the taps, this is due to water leakage.

    Drains are the most common things that never have any maintenance until they block up.
    Drainage is very important to have checked.
    Your drainage takes away all the waste form your home, and when you wake up one morning and find your toilet overflow onto your floor you will go into panic mode.

    Most of the drainage in the United Kingdom is very old and need regular checking.

    Another very important appliance that need regular maintenance is your boiler.

    It gives you all the hot water you need and keeps you warm in the winter months.

    This is another appliance that tends to get overlooked by 90% of people until it breaks down.

    it's always when you need it the most.

    Duval Heating offers a full service and general maintenance service on all of the above.

    We have over 35 years experience in keeping our clients homes running smoothly and efficiently.
    All gas work is carried out by our gas safe registered engineers for both LPG and Natural as required by law.

    If you have a leaking tap or the boiler needs serving or any plumbing and gas related problem we are here to help just give us a call or request a callback.
    We will be only to happy to help.
    As you can see general maintenance is very important, it could save you pounds in the long run.
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