• Gas Boilers, But What One is Best for Me?

  • Gas Boilers


    All gas boilers installed today, are highly efficiency condensing boilers,

    They have been designed to save you money on your energy bills, are better for the environment than the old models ever were.

    The efficiency ratings of the old models was around 60%,

    Today’s gas boilers work at around 90%,

    which is a big saving on the energy bills.

    There are so many gas boilers to choose from, but you will only get what you pay for.

    So how do you choose your gas boiler?

    Combination Boilers

    Combination boilers are very popular for the smaller properties, like flats and small houses.

    They supply a constant supply of hot water without the need to have any form of water storage tanks.

    Depending on the make and model you choose ,they will supply around 10-15 litres of hot water per minute.

    The down side is you can only use one tap at a time,

    Should someone be taking a shower and someone opens a hot tap maybe in the kitchen,

    the shower will go cold until the kitchen tap is closed.

    There are now many heat outputs to choose from,

    the higher the output the higher the hot water flow rate.

    The heating side is pressurised, and needs no storage tank that is normally located in the loft.

    Most combination boilers will have enough heat output for the average 3 bedroom home.

    System Boilers

    System boilers are pressurised and need no feed and expansion storage tank in the loft to work.

     They are very similar to the combination boilers,

    but without the hot water heat exchanger side.

    The hot water comes from a storage tank, normally located in an airing cupboard and is heated through the boiler.

    This type of system is a better choice for the bigger property,  if there is more than two bathrooms within the property.

    Heat Only Boilers

    Heat only boilers work along with storage tanks, they need a tank in the loft to fill the heating system and a tank to heat the hot water.

    All the above boilers come in various heat outputs, so there is one for your property.

    Should you need a bigger heat output, then two boilers can be linked together giving you the output you need.

    Some of today's most popular boilers are


    Vaillant, Worcester, Glow Worm, Ideal, Potterton, Heatline, Vokera,

    All gas boilers today need to have an annual service carried out, to keep them safe and the warranty valid.

    If a boiler is not serviced it could be costly to repair should it ever breakdown.

    Don't forget though, any type of gas work being carried out be it a service, repair or even an installation has to be carried out by a gas safe registered person.

    Failure to use someone registered, could cost you any warranty you may have on your gas appliance, and even your home insurance should something go wrong.

    If you would like to discuss having your boiler replaced or serviced,

    anything to do with your system contact us to arrange an appointment.

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