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    Your central heating boiler is a very important part of your home,

    it supplies you with continuous hot water throughout the day and night, and in the colder

    months of the year keeps your home nice and warm, so then

    why do around 70% of us fail to maintain our central heating boilers?

    The answer to that question is quite common; it all boils down to cost.

    The average for an annual boiler service cost will very depending on what part of the UK you live in.

    Down south you could expect to pay between £70 – £100 and

    the rest of the UK from around £65 – £80, but these figures are only a guide.

    The thing is most people tend to forget to have the central heating boiler serviced because it’s working fine,

    then if it fails start to complained that it’s a rubbish boiler.

    Central heating boilers these days are not like the old style ones,

    all they had was a burner, a thermo coupling and a thermostat to go wrong,

    the most common problem with them was they would soot up and need a good clean out, these boiler would go on for ever.

    Central HeatingToday’s modern central heating boilers need to be looked after regular;

    they should be serviced at least once a year.

    These new style boilers are designed to be economical and friendly to the environment.

    If they are not maintained regular then things start to go wrong.

    I had a customer recently telling me that she paid good money for her new condensing central heating

    boiler and that it had a 7-year warranty, and that it did not need to be serviced as the warranty covered everything.

    I asked her why she called our company,

    and her answer was she could not contact the installer.

    I asked to see her paperwork to just verify if she had a service contract with the warranty,

    all she could show me was a piece of paper saying she had a 7 year warranty and that was that.

    Central HeatingAnyway after talking to this lady for sometime I asked her why she had called us out,

    her answer was the boiler was not working and could I fix it under the warranty.

    I explained that any central heating boiler needs to be serviced regular and as hers was 5 years old it had basically gone beyond economical repair

    because it had never been serviced in it’s life.

    If it had been serviced then the parts that were gone may have been picked up on the service or even prevented them from failing.

    Like said at the start of this article the central heating boiler is a very important part of the home these days,

    when it breaks we are lost without it.

    If you are now thinking I must get that boiler serviced, then go about it the right way,

    only use a Gas Safe Registered Installer or Company.

    We all have friends who are a lot cheaper, but the law states you must be gas safe registered to work on any gas appliance. Be Wise, Be Safe…




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