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    Most of us have a boiler that supplies us with hot water when we need it and heating in the colder months. But did you know that around 90% of us never have a boiler service or have it checked over till it breaks down.

    The boiler is a very important part of our everyday life and when it stops working we are lost as what to do.

    Duval Heating can carry out a regular boiler service each year, making sure it is working as it was designed for. When a boiler is serviced we are checking that all the internal parts are working 100% and that any seals on the flue! Casing and combustion chamber are intact.

    When it come to the seals, if they are starting to breakdown they can start to leak product of combustion into the room, which as we all know can be very dangerous and life threatening.

    If your boiler breaks down we offer a full repair service, whatever make of your boiler we can repair it. Sometimes parts may need to be ordered, but this all depends on the make of boiler. Most common makes of boiler spares are normally available off the shelf, so you will be back up and running the same day.

    All boiler work is carried out by our Gas safe registered engineers and once complete a full gas tightness test is carried out and a Gas Safe certificate is issued.

    For landlords and home owners we offer boiler service and full a gas safety inspection on all appliances and gas supply. For more details contact us to make an appointment for one of our engineers to visit.

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