• What Boiler For 2014 Winter

  • What should people be looking for in a good boiler in 2014?

    Technology has come a long way in a relatively short space of time, none more so than with boilers.

    Here’s what you should be considering when buying a new boiler in 2014.


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    • Energy Efficiency
      Almost all boilers manufactured today are ‘condensing boilers this means they have been built with the
    • ability to make better use of the heat energy that was previously wasted.
    • Condensing boilers are therefore produced as standard and offer fantastic performance levels in terms of efficiency, helping
    • to make the cost of your monthly heating bills a lot more manageable
    • .Boilers are assessed in terms of their efficiency against a SEDBUK rating system, with G being the most inefficient and A being the most efficient.
    • Almost all boilers are now A-rated as standard and to put this in terms of how much you can
    • save you are looking at a £300 annual reduction from your energy bills if moving from a G to an A rated Combi boiler model.
    • Power (Flowrate & Heating Output)

      The most important thing for you is to find a boiler that has the appropriate power to fuel your home’s heating and hot water.

    • There’s no point having a boiler that struggles to deal with the high demand you have for hot water & heating and,
    • likewise, there’s no point investing in an expensive all-singing –and-dancing boiler that can do way more than it ever needs to.
    • We recommend discussing your requirements in terms of central heating output and hot water flowrate with a qualified gas safe
    • heating engineer before placing your order, but we provide a general overview of the type of boilers you may be looking at further down the page.
    • Warranty
      The very best boiler manufacturers in the UK tend to offer attractive warranty periods.
    • The reason for this? As well as wanting to offer great customer service,
    • most manufacturers of boilers in the UK are confident that their boilers have been built to last.
    • Investing in a new boiler from 1 of the big manufacturers can prove beneficial, as you know that you will be
    • getting a boiler model that will work problem free for the long term. If your boiler does ever develop a
    • fault you can remain calm in the knowledge that you are covered by a parts & labour warranty.
    • At Duval heating we only sell quality cheap boilers from the top manufacturers within the heating industry,
    • with Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Ideal, Baxi and Glow-Worm proving popular sellers.
    • Keep an eye out for the best boiler warranty deals – the peace of mind it offers can prove invaluable.
    • At the moment you can enjoy warranty periods of 5 years on Vaillant and Worcester combi boilers and 7 years on specific

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      Ideal boiler models!

    • Streamlined Size
      With space in most UK properties often at a premium, manufacturers are increasingly keen to produce boilers
    • that not only offer premium levels of heating & hot water, but also meet the requirements
    • of their owners by producing neat & compact appliances that can fit conveniently into most homes.
    • Technological advancements make this more possible than ever before,
    • with Worcester’s ‘Compact‘ boiler models and Ideal’s ‘i Mini’ series proving 2 popular examples of this.
    •  If you have limited space, then it is worth looking out for these slimline models.
    • If space is something you need to consider when buying a new boiler, then
    • why not contact our office for further details of what boiler best suite your home.

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