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  • Vaillant or Worcester Boilers

    Vaillant or Worcester Bosch boilers, Which one is the best? The top spot in the battle of the gas boiler always comes down to two makes, Vaillant or Worcester Bosch. Both brands consistently come out on top with the consumer and installer for reliability and ease of use. If these boilers were cars, they would be the BMW or Mercedes. When it comes to cost, yes they are a little more expensive[...]

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    Mobile Home LPG Water Heaters

    LPG Water Heaters Having a mobile home has many benefits, somewhere, where you can escape too and relax whenever you get the chance. But what about maintenance? Mobile homes tend to lack maintenance until something goes wrong, but just like your main home, they should be maintained on a regular basis. The mobile home LPG water heater never gets looked at till it breaks down, but just like [...]

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    Nest or Hive Smart Thermostat?

    So what’s the best smart thermostat, Nest or Hive, and how easy are they to install? In my opinion, both thermostats are of good quality, both will do the same job, but in different ways. Both thermostats connect to the internet via your broadband. Once connected they collect information on the local weather and adjust the boiler accordingly. Nest connects to the internet through the [...]

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    Converting To Unvented Hot Water Explained

    Converting To Unvented Hot Water Converting over to unvented hot water has many advantages over vented hot water, it is also more cost-effective to use. First and foremost before you even think about converting to unvented hot water, the incoming water mains need to be checked to ensure you have adequate pressure and flow rate. Unvented hot water cylinders require at least a minimum of 1.5 [...]

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    Converting From Electric To LPG

    Electric To LPG You have just moved into a new property and have only just noticed that there is no mains gas, everything works by electric, but you have always been used to gas. So what are your options? You could contact the local gas supply company to see if mains gas is in the area if not there is another option, It’s called LPG, or liquid petroleum gas. So how do you go about [...]

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    Tips For Saving On Energy Bills

    You may have noticed that your energy bills are always on the up. The energy companies just don’t seem to care about the consumer, all they care about is profits. So here are a couple of tips on how to save on those energy bills. Most homes these days have some form of central heating installed, to keep you warm in the winter time, they also supply you with all the hot water you need as[...]

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    LPG, An Alternative To Oil

    An Alternative To Oil If you live in an area where there is no mains gas connected to your property, The chances are you have an oil boiler to heat your home and an electric cooker to do your cooking on. But there is an alternative, LPG. So what is LPG? LPG stands for liquid petroleum gas, it’s just like natural gas but is stored in either tanks or cylinders within your property. The [...]

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    The Morco Water Heater

    Morco Water Heater If you own a mobile home then the chances are the hot water is heated by a Morco water heater or a Morco combination boiler. The Morco Water heater has been around for many years. It has been fitted to many mobile homes over the years because of the reliability of this water heater. But it’s sad to say that most have never ever been serviced or maintained. The Morco [...]

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