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    If you have a blocked drain then you need the service of a drain clearing company.

    There is nothing worst than having a blocked drain;

    the smell and the thought of trying to clear the blockage you put many people off.Blocked Drain

    What causes a blocked drain?

    There are many reasons why a drain may block, the most common one being fat or grease build up within the pipe.

    This happens over a period of time.

    Every time you wash the dinner plates up after dinner, or even using the washing machine,

    when the water goes down the drain bits of fat attach to the drainpipe.

    Another big cause of a blocked drain is scale build up, again this happens over a period of time,

    it’s a slow process. Scale builds up due to the water hardness in your area.

    We have been called out to many blocked drains over the years,

    but the property owner could have cleared their blockage many within a few minutes if only they had tried.

    Normally it’s something simple causing the blockage.

    Blocked DrainWhen you speak to the owner they say the thought of just touching the dirty water makes them feel ill.

    We don’t complain because it keeps us busy.

    Many people tell us they have used these bottle drain-cleaning aids to try and clear the blockage,

    but the problem here is they tend to do more damage than good.

    They have acids in and attack the joints on the pipe work, which in turn causes a leak on your pipe work.

    So now you don’t just have a blocked drain you now have a leaking blocked drain.

    If you find your drains are running slower than they normally do then it’s time to investigate,

    because if you don’t then you may find you have a big blockage.

    Blocked DrainIf you notice your kitchen sink runs away slower than it normally does,

    then check to see if your other sinks even the bath are running slower than normal,

    if they are then you may have a blocked manhole.

    If your sink is the only one that is not running away properly then the chances are you may have a partly blocked trap.

    Sometimes a few plunges with a plunger will clear the blockage, if not then it may be

    time to call in the blocked drain clearing company.

    To avoid blocked drains, just be careful what you put down them,

    I know it’s hard but in the long run it could save you money.

    The most common outside blocked drain is caused by leaves falling from the trees, again if you notice the drain blocked try to see if it’s a simple fix like removing the leaves.



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